Friday, April 16, 2010

Sonnet?....I'm on it! ~ A Silly Italian Sonnet


Would you like it from a box? Would you like it wearing sox?

Italian Sonnet songs I say, they're really not my thing.

Should I write about a king? Or a mystic sacred ring?

Should I write about little girl and a crafty fox?

Hey!, maybe I could write about Paul Bunion and his ox!

No, …How about deep out in space - the evil ruler Ming?

Ahhh, this sonnet thing I tell you…I might as well grow wings.

It’s big and ugly, scary too; Upon me it’s a pox, ...I swear, ............It’s like a bag of rocks!

Oh, ye of little tiny faith, Wouldst that thou would cool thy jets!

"Old English" speak I have no doubt, could surely rescue thee.

But if you don’t include that phrase, you’ll greatly feel regrets

- you know you could write anything and call it "Sonnet", see?

Break out your pipe and slippers boy, your wit will soon be whet!

The poem you write will as good as cacio sui maccheroni be!


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