Wednesday, November 25, 2009

pale rivers burning


you seek


to quell the



a morning meditation inspired by early chinese poetry.


  1. The architecture of this piece gives us at least three poems, a rich blend of simple and complex images. (1) You seek to quell the moon (2)pale rivers burning (3) pale, you seek riers to quell the burning moon. I wonder whether Chinese writing can display architectural variations?

  2. Mascogo my friend, that is what is so fascinating about chinese poetry. It has a natural architecture due to the rich cultural memory of each character. Not that I really know this, not being literate in chinese, but that is the sense I get. But to your point, I also wonder if spatial placement can affect interpretation in characters, or if my poem is a childish imitation fo what is possible in chinese. Thanks for noting the variations! For me this poem spins on the axis of these three poems, like an ornament on a string dangling in the breeze.