Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Until Compassion ~ inspired by Lily Yeh, Rwanda Healing Project

Until every new breath is taken

from the mouths of the dead,

bones of the slaughtered

are stacked like bricks for your shelters;

Until the blood of the children,

has watered the gardens,

flowers grass trees grow

on mounds of the murdered;

Until you have eaten

the mud and the straw,

washed clean your body

in the purple rivers;

Until clothes are cut

from flags of your enemies,

heads are covered

with their holy books;

Until history is carved

on your backs with machetes;

Until people paint dreams

on your fences and buildings,

tile shrines with their ghosts;

Until compassion pours down,

pools at your feet,

seeps into your socks

fills up your boots, covers

your knees, unsteadies your hips,

Until you can’t wade, can’t walk,

can’t swim, can’t go back to the sea,

Until an empty lot is endless resource,

your darkest devastation is transformation;

Until your weakness is equalized

by the hands of need;

Until compassion

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